How a weekend app made it to the Top of App Store Australia

Funny story, or may be a cool one, I decided to see how App Store works and if I can get something useful created over the weekend. After few hours of research I decided to create a simple unit converter and calculator app.

Now I had to choose if I go completely native and just create for iOS or chose a technology like Ionic Native to create an app which is native but can be cross compiled for iOS and Android. After looking at the Ionic API, it was clear that I am going to use Ionic for the test app.

Over the weekend I managed to create something useful Continue Reading →

The Future of Prototyping

Technological advancements have allowed the world of business and industry to evolve at an exponential rate and transform into a brand new paradigm that serves all of its members ultimate efficiency and facility. The likes of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and many more new and exciting technological trends have been rising through the ranks of popularity and have been changing the way we do things in the industry, all for the better.

Prototyping is another one of these amazing tech trends that have the potential to make our products unlike the way they have ever been before. It is a tech trend that Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about collaborative consumption

Not economy, but consumption. Collaborative consumption encompasses collaborative or sharing economy. Collaborative consumption is nothing new, its been around since the humankind developed cognitive skills and understood the importance of communicating and helping others. That was the only way to survive.

Today, after the ages of mass consumption and waste we have somehow lost the meaning of a product. It’s not about ownership but meaning. Any product (finished, material, tools or anything) has a meaning if you use it or if it has a sentimental value.

Anything which might not be that important or meaningful for us might have great potential for someone else.

At towardmay, we try to encourage members to share and give away things which other creators might benefit from. Something very small but we hope it helps someone, somewhere.

Contributed by Sameer Charles. Sameer is a Storyteller, Kick-starter and Engineer at towardmay. Reach out to him anytime for anything unusual or just a glass of wine.

What is Augmented Reality? – Understanding the New Technology

To be honest, there seems to be no end in sight for the developments in technology. The new technology known as augmented reality is an impressive proof of that statement.

For a long time, tech experts have all been about improving the quality of graphics we see on our television, computer or mobile screen. With augmented reality, these graphics are going to no longer be limited to any screen. Augmented reality blurs the line Continue Reading →

The Advantages of Augmented Reality

If you are following the latest news related to gaming and technology, then you have probably heard about a term that is getting quite popular these days – augmented reality or AR. Thanks to the unique features and its ability to provide one-of-a-kind experience, augmented reality has grabbed the attention of both ordinary people and tech fans and professionals. Even though the concept of augmented reality was revealed in 1968, the emergence of the Internet made this concept more realistic and more applicable.  Continue Reading →

Best Uses Of 3D Printing Technology

Stay informed and ahead. Latest in Technology, Science and Design. Challenger IO is here to help

3D printing, which is the additive manufacturing process has come up with the creation of the physical objects from the digital design. You will come across the wide range of 3D technologies along with the materials that you can use for the 3D printing, but one common feature is that they are all working on a common principle. This common principle states that the digital model is turned into the solid and three dimensional physical objects with the addition of the material in layers.  Continue Reading →

Wait for it

Its a very first day of towardmay. We look forward to working with the most creative minds. towardmay will always be defined by its simplicity and the desire to give every creative a platform to make a difference.

We look forward to the challenge.