Let’s talk about collaborative consumption

Not economy, but consumption. Collaborative consumption encompasses collaborative or sharing economy. Collaborative consumption is nothing new, its been around since the humankind developed cognitive skills and understood the importance of communicating and helping others. That was the only way to survive.

Today, after the ages of mass consumption and waste we have somehow lost the meaning of a product. It’s not about ownership but meaning. Any product (finished, material, tools or anything) has a meaning if you use it or if it has a sentimental value.

Anything which might not be that important or meaningful for us might have great potential for someone else.

At towardmay, we try to encourage members to share and give away things which other creators might benefit from. Something very small but we hope it helps someone, somewhere.

Contributed by Sameer Charles. Sameer is a Storyteller, Kick-starter and Engineer at towardmay. Reach out to him anytime for anything unusual or just a glass of wine.

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