How a weekend app made it to the Top of App Store Australia

Funny story, or may be a cool one, I decided to see how App Store works and if I can get something useful created over the weekend. After few hours of research I decided to create a simple unit converter and calculator app.

Now I had to choose if I go completely native and just create for iOS or chose a technology like Ionic Native to create an app which is native but can be cross compiled for iOS and Android. After looking at the Ionic API, it was clear that I am going to use Ionic for the test app.

Over the weekend I managed to create something useful which can convert almost all units and calculate fairly well :-). However, I didn’t think that it stand a chance among almost 3 million apps on the App Store. So I decided to give it a week and spend 4-5 days designing and throwing away the obvious but leaving the minimal UI.

There it was, ready to rock. I thought I might get some people install it and decided to really test the $0 marketing or no marketing and let the product speak.

Uploaded everything and waited for Apple to approve. It took them less than 24 hours to approve and the app Unit Converter was live! Yay!

I waited, no one downloaded because no one really saw it. I again ignored it and moved on to the my other project. About 3 weeks later I decided to check what’s happening with the app and still nothing; 0 app downloads.

It was somewhat disappointing. Even though I spent barely a week to create it, I expected atleast someone to download and use it.

A week after I decided to check again. Logged in and looked at the sales, I think I said to myself – WHAT! (tf)

Somehow, out of the blue, Apple decided to feature it as ‘New Apps we love’.

What I take from this, let the product speak for itself. If its good, it will work out. In my case, a tiny converter app changed the direction of the company.

This is the app, since then I have also released the app for Android and updated the iOS version.

Unit Converter App

Hope you like it.

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