Tips on writing an effective listing

Hi, Friend! Welcome to towardmay, a unique marketplace for innovators to showcase their products and services, share knowledge and offer expert advice. If you’re a seller and it’s your first time posting a listing, you want to get the word out as effectively as possible. But where do you start? The digital landscape is constantly evolving, as are the concepts and terminology that go with it. However, if you follow a few easy steps, you’ll find that creating a stellar listing isn’t as challenging as you had thought.

As the newest online marketplace of its kind, we have some helpful tips to help you attract the interest of buyers, deliver concise information about your product or service, and optimize your listing making it easy for people to search and find you!

Key Information First

Include details in your item description, with the most relevant information first. If you’re offering a prototype, design, service or product that you’re proud of, let others know why. Point out key selling points, and features that make it unique. The community is growing quickly, and with innovators like yourself adding new products daily, you want to ensure that you stand out. Using specific keywords also optimize your posting, helping you connect with people who want to find you.

Striking Photographs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in a digital world, that famous saying can’t ring truer. By nature, we’re visual beings and are drawn to compelling imagery. As consumers, we love browsing online, flipping through multiple product photos in seek of something that catches our attention, and studies show that visual content is more effective than product descriptions alone. When you’re selecting an image for your product, make sure it’s clear and allows viewers to understand what you’re offering and how it will work for them. If possible, include multiple images from different angles, showing your product in use. If there are multiple components or assembly required, be sure to include images indicating that. Remember, TowardMay attracts people from around the globe, and visual content is one of the best ways to break language barriers.

Tone and Voice

As an innovator, our marketplace offers you the opportunity to build your brand. Ask yourself who your target audience is, and tailor your descriptions to appeal to them. An example would be a listing for a drone. The number of drone and UAV enthusiasts has grown substantially over the past year, and there are many blogs dedicated to them. Take some time to look at drone product reviews, as people who write them are part of your target audience. Adjust your tone to appeal to them using relevant jargon, but be sure to maintain your voice to establish individuality. Also, avoid using the term “we” or speaking in the third person, as it can cause confusion between buyers and sellers. Writing in the first person will clearly and efficiently establish who you are, and support your listing by making it more personal.


Since buyers can’t physically touch your product, be sure to include measurements, details about the materials used, and other specs. Not everyone keeps a ruler on their desk, or beside their computer, so it’s helpful to place a commonly used item that people are familiar with, such as an iPhone side by side with your product for scale.

Mobile Friendly

Keep in mind buyers will be viewing your product on a mobile device which means smaller screens. Be as concise as possible in your product description. Also, including product detail images is very helpful in painting a picture for your potential buyer.


After you post your listing, view it on multiple OS, to see how it looks. Ask your peers for their advice, and if they have suggestions to improve it. Is it too boring? Too technical? Not technical enough? Tweak it until you see fit, and even then, feel free to tweak it some more!

At towardmay, there is always something new to learn including how to market yourself and build your brand. So have fun and share your experiences with the community!